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                               Things You Should Do EVERY DAY!

  • Drink Warm Apple Cider Vinegar / Lemon Ginger Water in the AM

  • Meditate / Stretch / Health Poses

  • Walk outside in Nature (Barefoot for bonus grounding points)

  • Exercise >45 minutes with an elevated heart rate (15 min jog on Rest Days)

  • Listen to Music while being creative (Flow, Painting, Play Instrument, etc...)

  • Hit Your Macros & Consume your Micros

  • Utilize daily detox methods (Sauna, Dry Brush, Oil Pulling, DRINK WATER) 

  • Read for 30 minutes each night before bed

                                  Habits You Should Quit NOW!

  • Smoking Cigs / Vaping

  • Drinking Soda / Sugary Juices

  • Bringing your phone into the bedroom

  • Checking Social Media more than 1 designated time / Day

  • Any drugs (especially pharmaceuticals) that you use as a crutch.

  • Watching more than 1 Episode or Segment of TV PROGRAMMING (Don't Be a Sheep)

  • Eating Heavy Meals Before Bed (Let your body focus on healing itself)

  • Cut out influences that don't attract positive energy / inspire your dreams

Daily Habbits

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